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YUN:  Enrich your everyday, Berlin - Mitte

YUN: Enrich your everyday, Berlin - Mitte

YUN is an innovative Korean eyewear brand with a flagship store in Berlin - Mitte - a must visit if you are visiting this beautiful city. If you are looking for high quality and comfort in a trendy pair of glasses this shop is ready to welcome you with a wide selection of spectacles and shades.
YUN is new concept of eyewear brand, which provides not only quality products but also incredible service, producing glasses in 20 mins.
Every season YUN collects new ideas and creates a specific mood concept for the upcoming season with new materials and top level technology provided by the expert eyewear Korean manufacturers.
Eyewear for YUN is a family tradition; we met Jiyoon Yun to discover more about YUN brand and share some tricks on how to choose the right pair of glasses.

H. The first flagship store has been opened in Berlin. Why this choice?

Berlin is one of the most vibrant cities in the world - many creative people from all over the world are getting together and I feel like they are creating a totally new scene in Berlin. There are many new types of communities, clubs, shops, cafes, art galleries, etc, which are rarely seen in other cities. Berliners are very open-minded and really pay attention to what other people’s do and don’t hesitate to experience new things.
We thought Berlin would be a perfect test market for showing and verifying our new and cutting-edge concept.


H. YUN, eyewear is family tradition. How important is to select the right pair of glasses?

A pair of glasses defines your identity. That’s why we need to be more careful about selecting the right one as it is the most unique and distinct character of our persona. Of course, the design should be the one you like and fit to your face but it’s not all you have to consider. Glasses are part of your daily life helping you to have better quality of life. For that reason, we also need to think about functionality of them: durability, flexibility, allergy-free, light weight etc.
Young people tend to think eyewear is just a fashion accessory, only because it’s affordable now. But the primary reason for wearing glasses is to protect your eyes and maintain your clear vision. This always has to come first. And then fashion comes next. We can wear a oversized coat and consider it as a new and fresh silhouette but we cannot wear a big frame and inaccurate prescription lenses as fashion items.

H. What is the philosophy behind YUN?

Respect of the past is the fundamental basis of YUN’s philosophy. I admire what my dad has been done during his long life - about 25 years - in eyewear industry. No one can discount his experience and wisdom. Glasses are very scientific products which cannot be made only with young fashion sense. They are completed only if the utmost delicacy meets young taste.
This same philosophy is reflected too in the entire visual identity of YUN - from the store interior, to the graphics and packaging. There’s a saying in Korean art scene, ’the beauty of space’. As you might know well from oriental paintings, our ancestors love emptiness and restrained beauty. Through the way we communicate in a strict minimalist visual vocabulary, I believe that we can deliver indirectly our philosophy and spirit to the customers, respecting the past, adding more value on it and letting them know who we are, our sincerity and honesty on what we are doing.

H. The selection of YUN glasses is impressive. Which items are the most requested?

Paul. Timeless design for both men and women. Made of premium acetate material, it’s allergy-free. A slightly rounder shape with casual appearance. It’s good on most of looks.

Moritz. Incredibly flexible, durable and very light frames made of special plastic material, Ultem. A round eye shape with unisex design so both men and women love Moritz.

H. Who is the YUN client?

We welcome all kinds of people regardless of age and gender. They need only one thing, the love for YUN. Like we always emphasize, our first priority is to be faithful to the original purpose of glasses, protecting your eyes and maintaining the clear vision. Most of customers who experience our incredible service and quality products get to know about our sincerity of what we are doing. We want to share our value and thoughts with people who agree on us and place a high value on our philosophy.

H. What is next for YUN?

Our first priority when we started our own business was to make a totally new shopping experience of glasses: getting quality optical service and products with an affordable price in a short time.
Our next step is how we can let more people in the world get to know about us and enjoy our incredible service. We are planning to expand YUN to few other EU and Asian countries in few years. I wish that YUN become an eyewear brand which is loved by people all over the world for not only our appealing products but also professional and cutting-edge optical service.

Discover more about YUN on www.yun-berlin.com
All pictures are courtesy of YUN

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Dalia, Milan

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