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RVS Eyewear: see the world through their eyes

RVS Eyewear: see the world through their eyes

If you think the right pair of glasses starts with the right colour, then RVS Eyewear is going to be perfect for you. The Hugues meets Vidal Erkohen, the man behind RVS, colourful and energetic eyewear brand which combines into their frames Japanese quality and eye for details with new materials and colours. Inspired by his travels, Vidal has brought the colours of the world into his designs to create handmade to order spectacles, in both metal and acetate in limited editions to guarantee quality over quantity.

Vidal is also an avid collector of frames of over 70 years of eyewear design from the 1930s through the 1990s. His collection evidences the evolution of eyewear from medical tool to a style signifier.

Since the launch of the first collection back in 2007, RVS is now in 130 locations around the world; they are currently opening their flagship store in Soho-NY and are planning to bring RVS in Asia and to further expand in the Americas.

H. Vidal, how important is to choose the right pair of glasses?

Eyewear is a great style signifier, it defines your image that is why my advice is to choose something that will leave the mark. Like red lipstick, good glasses change everything.
Being an avid eyewear collector, I would never leave home without a pair of spectacles or shades on my face. My father brought back from a trip in Italy a pair of folding Persol and, since then, I have developed a passion for these iconic frames which have written a new chapter in the history of eyewear.

H. RVS has a clear and unique style. Which is the most required piece of your collection?

Funnily enough, those designs, such as the Paris Frame,  that might seem more provocative usually tend to be our best-sellers.

H. Vidal what inspires your creativity?

Traveling the world has deeply influenced my style, which finds its roots in the colours of Istanbul and the gorgeous turkish landscapes. Fashion icons like Brando, McQueen, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren are as well timeless sources of inspiration to which I look in the creation process.
Inspiration comes also from the collaboration with the client and I would to custom a pair of RVS’ for Jack Nicholson.

H. How much has changed the eyewear industry in the last ten years?

The attitude towards eyewear has changed and consumers are looking at spectacles also as fashion accessories not only as a corrective device.  Unique design and high quality is what we offer to our clients through a team that hand builds our frames and carefully follows the entire process from the selection of the acetate till ultimate screw.

If you are interested in discovering where you can find RVS Eyewears spectacles or shades you can check their website RVS Eyewear
All pictures are courtesy of RVS Eyewear

Luisa, Milan

Luisa, Milan

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