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Von Arkel – Swiss quality for timeless frames

Von Arkel – Swiss quality for timeless frames

A legacy of passion, Von Arkel frames inherit the precision and attention to detail of the watchmaking industry and combine it with an elegant style to create timeless frames.
The name is an homage to Anton Eduard Van Arkel, a 20th century Dutch chemist who, together with his associate, invented the industrial process for the industrial production of titanium, of which Von Arkel glasses are made today. You recognize Von Arkel eyewear at first glance: appreciate its comfort, its exclusive style, its timelessness and its reliability.
Von Arkel summarizes the best technical choice to achieve excellence.

The Hugues met Christophe Kozma, the man behind Von Arkel to discover the story of this unique brand.

H. A legacy of passion, how does Von Arkel’s story begin?

Graduated in Optics in Switzerland, I created the first 9.0 caliber guided by the desire to achieve a perfect product, and by the passion for mechanical micro and fine watchmaking. That is how we endeavoured the fusion of these two industries: it seemed to be a paramount task to combine the vision and modus operandi of watchmaking and eyewear engineering.
Reliability and quality, proven strength over time, precision and rigor, sobriety and essentiality are values that inspire the creation process of Von Arkel frames.
Furthermore, we are lucky enough to be based in a wonderful area called the Swiss Riviera, reputedly the cradle of luxury watches. 

H. What makes Von Arkel’s frames unique?

Our iconic and distinctive feature is clearly the hinges. They represent, on one hand the brand's signature of the product and on the other hand value add of each frames. Unlike the rest of the frame, the hinges are timeless, extremely durable and reliable over time, they embellish the frame which will evolve with fashion cycles, materials improvements.
We deliberately separated the micro-technical element that combines both timeless watchmaking and jewelry, from the spectacle manufacturing that is subject to trends, styles and materials.
Thus, our customers can afford having a pair of Von Arkel eyewear available in limitless versions of hinges caliber 9.00, custom made according to their taste, ranging from watchmaking's steel to jewellery finishing.
These hinges could then be "pimped" according to the wishes (desires) with different Von Arkel frames proposed by the optician. The choice is vast, stainless steel to Titanium for our most minimalist collections, or Acetate to Buffalo Horn for more opulent products. Not to forget our exclusive collection “Entourage” subtly mixing Stainless steel with Acetate and Titanium with horn.

H. How to choose the right Von Arkel frame?

The perfect frame is its balance, its comfort, its design and especially its identity.  Choosing a frame, means knowing who you are and how you want to be seen by others. Wearing a certain kind of eyewear discloses part of your personality, it tells about your identity, your style and mainly your values. Many frames look alike. Von Arkel brings into the market a unique and symbolic identifier by its hinge. You will find in the eyewear industry beautiful shapes and colours within many brands but few are offering a unique character.

H. Who would you like to see wearing Von Arkel?

Among many Roger Federer would be a perfect match as he embodies the Von Arkel core values: precision, elegant style and high-performing stroke!

H. The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favorite holiday destination, the book that everyone must read. 

Depending on the mood, but generally I enjoying getting lost in huge metropolis where concrete never ends and the sky is hidden behind the buildings. As for a book I would choose the Music of Chance by Paul Auster which kept me awake long nights to complete it!

Find more about Von Arkel on www.vonarkel.com
All pictures are courtesy of Von Arkel

Paolina, Milan

Paolina, Milan

Won, Instanbul

Won, Instanbul