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Suzy Glam

Suzy Glam

Suzy Glam is an independent eyewear label, Amsterdam based and founded in 2012 by Susanne Klemm and Etienne Frederiks, a creative duo that synergises creativity, design and quality.  

Innovation, glam and a bohemian touch, each frame is named after a new adventure of the fictitious character Suzy Glam: “Thinks Big”, “Goes Bananas” and “Gets the Award”, just to name a few!

The Hugues met this talented duo that came together to bring something new into the eyewear market.

H. Suzy Glam is unique. Who are your frames for?

People with a strong character and a style of their own. We are inspired by people who dare to stand out, who are progressive and strive for new things. Beyond retro, we look at the future to create what every eyewear lover wants from frames.

H. The ingredients of Suzy Glam’s frames?

The first ingredient is the design: like 3-D sculptures they are crafted by Susanne directly into the raw material which is our second ingredient. We only work with acetate because it’s a natural material: its warmth and feel are perfect for a frame. Also the colours you can get in acetate are fabulous. The chemistry between us and the passion for eyewear are the ultimate ingredients of Suzy Glam’s frame we want our customers to enjoy.

H. The secret to choose the perfect frame?

The frame has to fit! A frame that doesn’t fit will never look good on a face. We make frames that fit on many different faces and eye distances. It’s one of our main characteristics and when it fits well, even a very bold model can look elegant on a face. It has to make the face more beautiful. We have quite some years of experience as opticians as well which helps to understand the appropriate frame for each visage.

H. Which is the Suzy Glam icon frame?

“Faces the Face’ one of our first models. It’s a very typical Suzy Glam frame. It’s bold and at the same time very feminin and elegant.

H. Suzy Glam in 5 years?

We are happy with the dimension we have reached as it allows us to keep it small and personal, while we bringing something different and special into a changing market more open to eyewear as a fashion accessory.

Discover more about Suzy Glam on www.suzyglam.com
All pictures are courtesy of Suzy Glam

Won, Instanbul

Won, Instanbul

Paz, Leeds

Paz, Leeds