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Hugues Stories - David Bellamy, Digital Influencer and Fashion Icon

Hugues Stories - David Bellamy, Digital Influencer and Fashion Icon

With more than 23K followers on Instagram, David Bellamy is one of the top digital influencer, fashion icons and brand ambassadors in France. Influencing the style more than mainstream celebrities, David Bellamy inspires a young international crowd of followers with his unique style and his original shots taken in front of colourful French “portes”.

The Hugues met David in Paris to understand what is it like to have so many followers and while we were at it… we asked for some style advice!

H. David, what is like to have so many followers and how do you keep growing the base?

I think people follow me because I propose something different from other French digital influencers. I propose a fresh “chic” Parisian style, in a pop and colourful universe. The followers love the colourful doors I use as a background in my shots. Keeping the interaction flowing with my viewers is also fundamental and I try to respond to all of them.

H. How did this journey start?

It was not planned. I discovered Instagram one year ago and I immediately loved it. I decided to propose my personal style.

H. Is there something we do not know about you?

I am a sensible and lonely guy; I like keeping some mystery around me.

H. How does David choose his spectacles or shades?

I like unusual objects, the ones we can’t see everywhere. Shape is important: it must suit perfectly to the face. I have a dozen different frames: they complete my looks and give them more personality.

H. How do you define your style?

It is defined based on my current mood and inspiration. I can be rock, couture, street, but always urban and chic. I love unique pieces and refined materials. My style is at the same time classic and contemporary, with fancy accessories such as bracelets to complete my outfit.

H. Who and what inspire you?

The world around me is a continuous source of inspiration. Fashion is for me a philosophy and a game. I am inspired by the work of Raphael Simacourbe, a French blogger I respect and admire.

H. Can you tell us: the favourite corner of your city, best holiday destination, the book that everyone should read?

My favourite “coin” in Paris is the restaurant is Le Sinople, my favourite destination is the US and more specifically the vibes of Los Angeles, the book everyone should read is the shocking and touching “The road”.

David is wearing Gold & Wood sunglasses

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Patrick, Zurich

Patrick, Zurich

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