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Andy Wolf Eyewear, Handmade

Andy Wolf Eyewear, Handmade

This week The-Hugues met Katharina Schlager, Designer and CEO ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR, to discover what makes Andy Wolf’s frames so special. We were drowned into the colourful and eccentric world of their spectacles and shades, fully handmade in Austria with an extraordinary passion. Stay tuned for their new collection which will be launched at the end of January 2017 in time for an original Valentine’s gift!

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H: What is ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR’s story?

Since its founding in 2006 ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR is all about handmade frames. The creative origin is our office in Hartberg/Austria. Our own manufactories in Austria and France are the place where the frames, which are now an integral part of the independent scene, are produced with a lot of lifeblood and love for detail. The colourful and eccentric world of ANDY WOLF encompasses the basic collection ANDY WOLF, SOUL and the design collection ANDY WOLF, LOVE. Our WHITE HEAT collection features purist metal frames.

H: Frames can change the look of those who wear them. What is key?

It is important that the glasses underline the personality of those who wear them, otherwise they feel comfortable in them. A pair of frames should always contrast with the shape of the face and fit the size.

H: What is the secret behind Andy Wolf’s frames?

Colours, soul, and love ☺

H:Who should be wearing Andy Wolf’s frames?

There is no defined target group. Our glasses are worn by 16 years old boys, as well as by 80 years old ladies. We are against clothing regulations and so everyone should be free to wear what they prefer. This is important to us that frames underline and become part of someone’s personality.

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H: Any upcoming project for Andy Wolf’s eyewear?

At the moment we are working on the new OPTI collection we will launch in the end of January.

H. The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favorite holiday destination, the book that everyone must read.

Best corner: Cafe Mitte. Favourite holiday destination: South Africa. Book: The Little Prince

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All pictures are courtesy of Andy Wolf eyewear

Moenen, Zurich

Moenen, Zurich

Joseph, Bruxelles

Joseph, Bruxelles