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Hugues Stories: Rudy Lauer - International Influencer, Founder & Editor of The Parisian Man

Hugues Stories: Rudy Lauer - International Influencer, Founder & Editor of The Parisian Man

Rudy Lauer is the man from next door, with the only difference that he has style and he shares it with more than 70K followers per day on Instagram, Facebook and is famous blog The Parisian Man!

The Hugues met Rudy Lauer in Paris to discover the passion and dedication that Rudy daily puts in his project and the secret to become a perfect Parisian Man!

H. How did your ParisianMan project start?

I have always been passionate about fashion and when I discovered Instagram I understood it would be the perfect media to communicate my style and my inspirations.
Initially, my first account @the_parisian_hipster aimed at sharing my fashion, cooking and travelling ideas through images. Both the blog and Instagram account gained a huge amount of followers, so it evolved in a more mature project named @parisianman with a dedicated blog where I could express my style and ideas beyond images through my articles.

H. What is style for Rudy and what is the "Parisian" style?

Style is for me very important as a mean to attract people’s desire and curiosity leaving a positive impact.
The Parisian style? Difficult to limit into the close boundaries of a definition, though I believe the words “casual chic” are an appropriate combination of the mix of style this amazing city mixes. An apparently laid back style, but always studied and posh!


H. What are the key elements to become a professional blogger?

Several elements are needed to be a good blogger and influencer. I would say that the most important thing is to be absolutely passionate about the subjects you are dealing with.
People do not necessarily realise how much time a blog requires and sometimes get discouraged quickly due to the large amount of work.
With a true passion, moments of doubt and hours of work are easier to accept.
Then, be sincere with your community; refuse to deal with sponsors not convincing you.
Be honest, stay strong with your ideas and follow a precise editorial line.

H. Can you define your style?

It’s difficult to define my style, as I love to mix brands and clothes. I can go from a streetwear style to a suit tie look quite easily. I love to surprise others and myself!
Nevertheless, my everyday style is quite classic, I often have a casual chic look: slim dark blue jeans, white oxford shirt, gray cardigan and a blazer jacket.
The second main style I like at the moment is to mixing neutral tones such as greys, blacks and beige.

H. Who or what inspires Rudy?

People on the street are definitely my greatest source of inspiration. Even if I find that men dare to be less and less original. It is increasingly difficult to find elaborated looks, that’s why the net and Instagram are becoming more and more my source :-)
As for the personalities that inspire me, there are many, but I would say Tom Ford for his ultra chic side, Nick Wooster for his looks always stylish and hyper trendy!


H. Who would you like to work with?

I would be delighted for example to build looks for Berluti, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford or Prada and share them on my media.
My desires for the future? I’d like to leave my job and invest 100% of my time and energy in blogging. And maybe hiring an assistant :-)

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Rudy is wearing www.jfrey.fr and www.jimmyfairly.com glasses

All pics copyright of: @theparisianman on Instagram

You can find more about Rudy on Facebook, Instagram and his online blog: www.theparisianman.com

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Mattia, Milan

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