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Smoke x Mirrors Eyewear - creating Music in a world filled with noise

Smoke x Mirrors Eyewear - creating Music in a world filled with noise

Founded in 2014 in the creative heart of New York City, Smoke x Mirrors is a collective of artists defining its approach to optical design as a powerful means of innovation in fashion.
With creations made in the best materials – handmade in France, this brand proposes frames with a urban, street and pop mixed style. Their designers are continuously inspired by the art community and by the frequent collaborations.
The heart of the brand mirrors that of a record label, iconic on its own but adaptive and varied through each artist they work for the people on the street. In a world filled with noise, Smoke x Mirrors creates music.

The Hugues met with Roi Ironi from Smoke x Mirrors to discover more about this young and creative team.

H) In a world filled with noise, Smoke x Mirrors creates music. What kind of music are we listening to?

Hearty and soulful. Kind of like the way we like our food too!


H) Tell us about the idea behind this collective of designers, or shall we call them artists?

We think of Smoke x Mirrors as kind of a record label - iconic on its own but nuanced and adaptive through each artist. We approach eyewear as a means of fashion innovation where we play and experiment with design in order to push boundaries on the technical and aesthetic level.

H)  How important is too choose the right pair of glasses and what are the tricks?

What happened the night before should always dictate which pair you pick up that morning.

H) Materials, quality and design. What else makes a perfect pair of glasses?

Just add the perfect face ;). Only kidding. For us, being technically innovative is elemental to our design process - we like to give ourselves rules based on design principles and material composition and see how far we can really go.   

H) Who would you like see wearing your glasses?

That person who just passed me on the street.

H) - The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favourite holiday destination, the book that everyone must read.

Bar/Restaurant of city we like most: So long that we’re fed...
Favorite holiday: wherever we’re going next.
Book: GOODNIGHT MOON, and when you’re done with that, our Look-book never lets you down.

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All pictures are courtesy of Smoke x Mirrors

Jinwen, Tokyo

Jinwen, Tokyo

Tommaso, London

Tommaso, London