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SO▲YA vertical connection

SO▲YA vertical connection

SO▲YA  “Vertical Connection” is a new Italian eyewear brand presented for the first time at MiDO 2016 and born from the desire of the young Italian designer Matteo Pontello.

Since then the brand is overlooking the market with a collection rich of iconic elements and instantly recognizable: the temple characterized by the rivet in a triangle shape, the contrast of volumes and the combination of colors.

The models in the collection are available in timeless colours, havana, black, light havana and seasonal marbled colours. The marble effect allows to create light/dark contrasts, as well as to emphasize the preciousness and the refinement of models.

The Hugues met the team behind this independent eyewear brand for coffee before their participation to the next eyewear fair in Milan – Mido!

H. SO▲YA – a success story of made in Italy.  Tell us about how it all started?

SO▲YA was born from the heart of the Italian designer Matteo Pontello a couple of years ago and then premièred at the end of February 2016 at the More Mido in Milan. Matteo is a passionate and dedicated eyewear lover, his vision for SO▲YA is to create good to himself and to others. The SO.YA Team, that consists of Lisa Stefan, Sales Manager and Diego Ganeo Corporate and Finance Director, shares this dream.

H. SO▲YA – “Vertical Connection” – what does it mean?

SO▲YA is a word play: it means “So Yes”. “So Yes” is the vibe which is a reflection of the work of the creative team.
Ahead of important decisions, listen to your intuition; this will guide you to the right journey. “So Yes” is the feeling you overcome when you are on the right track.
The triangle centred between SO and YA symbolizes the connection that allows you to receive ideas and reflect it to the outside world.  “vertical connection” represents creativity, beauty and intuition, key elements of Soya.

H. How would you define your style?

Handcrafted modern design, refined and distinctive shapes. Iconic Temple Shape.

H. Who or what inspires your collections?

Matteo is inspired and guided by the feeling. What he creates is the result of a deep emotion and joy. Matteo orients himself towards beauty, with the mission of bringing a new light through lines, shapes and themes connected to nature, street-wear and architecture.
He is inspired by Scandinavian brands and design, to which he adds Italian warmth and style. Yohji Yamamoto, Margiela, Acne Studio, Common Project are only some names that inspire Matteo.


H. The next trend in eyewear?

Metal, lenses Base 2, very light fitting, combinations of metal and acetate

H. How important is to choose the right pair of glasses and what are the tricks?

Very important! Frames help people too see more clearly, sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun. Glasses are also important because they represent people's personality.We believe the trick is to choose glasses made with good quality and fit, and that suit your style/personality. 

H. Wo would like see wearing SO▲YA?

People with beautiful soul. 

SO▲YA Milky Way

SO▲YA Milky Way

H. What comes next for SO▲YA?

Come to see  SO▲YA’s frames at the More Mido in Milan at the end of February 2017: new models and more.

H. The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favorite holiday destination

Restaurant “Alla Grotta” in Treviso where you eat really nice seafood, which is also where we had our Christmas Party. Holiday Destination would be New York!

The SO▲YA glasses, are designed and produced entirely in Italy and they will be sold in select optical stores and boutiques.

Alll pictures are courtesy of SO▲YA.
Check out the new collections on www.so-ya.it, Facebook and Instagram

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from Left to Right: Lisa Stefan, Matteo Pontello, Diego Ganeo, 

from Left to Right: Lisa Stefan, Matteo Pontello, Diego Ganeo, 

Michela, Milan

Michela, Milan

Mattia, Milan

Mattia, Milan