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Hugues stories: Vincent Cuk – Instagrammer from Hong Kong

Hugues stories: Vincent Cuk – Instagrammer from Hong Kong

There is a digital elite in Hong Kong inspiring crowds of Instagram lovers.

Vincent Cuk (alias of Mr Shu Zhen), with more than 30K followers is one of these emerging talents offering a different perspective and revealing secret places of this huge metropolis through is unique pictures.

Vincent unveils a different Hong Kong than that you can find in a guide, through the pictures he takes of him or his friends around the city. Originally from Shanghai, Vincent currently studies in Hong Kong where he started his Instagram account that currently inspires an alternative crowd of travellers!

The Hugues met Vincent to discover a bit more of his life and Instagram account!

H. Vincent, how did your Instagram account come to life?

I joined an “Instameet” in Shanghai in 2013 and I was inspired by other talented “Instagrammers”, so I thought it would have been a great occasion to take more seriously my passion for photography.

H. What are you willing to communicate through your account?

I want to express my personal mood, or the food and great scenery. I love travelling and of course I'm ready to share my trip through my account.

H. What are the key elements to create an interesting Insta account?

I think you have to create your Instagram style first, and then stick to it. Don't give up, you will gain the attention from others.

H. Who would you like to work with and what is next for Vincent Cuk / Mr Shu Zhen?

Hmm it's a hard question. I have no idea about whom to work with yet. My plan is to open my personal workshop or restaurant in 5-6 years at latest. Hope I can achieve my dream.

H. The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favourite holiday destination, the movie that everyone must watch.

I love the Sugar bar at the top of East Hotel in Hong Kong.
My favourite destination so far was Sydney, but I'm looking forward to go to Capetown if I have a chance.
The movie that everyone must watch is The Shawshank Redemption,my favorite!

Vincent is wearing a pair of Thom Browne

To discover more about Hong Kong and Vincent Cuk’s adventures check out his Instagram account www.instagram.com/vincent_cuk

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