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Hugues Stories: Nastya Lisansky, Israel's Instagram star

Hugues Stories: Nastya Lisansky, Israel's Instagram star

Nastya Lisansky is Israel's Instagram star. After studying dressmaking and public relations, Lisansky worked at a number of fashion companies before creating her own digital brand. She's a daily source of inspiration for her more than 61 thousands followers and collaborates with all major brands.
Despite her being a public person, Nastya is very private and she gave this special interview only for the Hugues.

H. What is it like for you to be followed by so many people every day?

It has part of my life for few years already! I think that the most important thing about being followed by so many people is that I have a responsibility. It is a personal diary but it's not private. When I started I posted so many photos that I wouldn't publish today. I'm very aware about the contents that I publish. But from the other side: stay true to my self, my taste and my style.

H. How did you become a Digital Influencer?

I was one of the first Instagrammers in Israel! I am married to photographer, and fashion was always a huge part of my life. Naturally most of my posts were dedicated to fashion and beauty. In Instagram early daily, there there only a few fashion Insta bloggers and my page got soon more and more popular.

Nastya Lisansky

H. Is there something we do not know about you?

I'm not very public about my personal life:) My kids yes, but my partner no. Lots of people don't even know how he looks like, even that he is very handsome:))

H. How do you choose spectacles or shades?

I'm a true believer that fashion is about self expression! The worst fear is to look like everyone else. Even if my outfit is super trendy, I have to create it by myself, and make it a little bit different. As for shades, the bigger and the weirder they are, the more I like them! I always say that I have a great shades face!:)

H. What are your suggestion / advice to define your style?

Always surprise yourself! When you are standing in front of your closet every morning, pick two garments that classically don't match and wear them together!

Who or what inspires you?

Man repeller. And Carrie Bradshaw:)

Nastya Lisansky

H. Who would you like to work with and what are your plans for the future?

I am well known in my country and worked almost with every one. I would love to work with international brands. The world is global! And everyone can shop online. Working outside of my country is my biggest dream right now.

H. The corner of your city you like most, your favorite holiday destination, the book that everyone must read

I travel a lot, I'm a huge fan of Europe, and I am also in love with Japan.
My next destination will be India! I started practicing Yoga a few months ago and I felt for it!
I could also envisage a shopping-free trip, it would be be a nice change:)

I love Tel Aviv! It's an amazing city! Very liberal, people are warm and the food is the best! I will always recommend Caffe Europa, Shipudei Europa and Sheila, as the BEST restaurants in Tel Aviv!

The last book I read was 'The story about the new last name' by Elena Ferrante. Now reading 'The Portrait of Dorian Grey' for second time. You can't live a life time without reading 'Dorian Grey' at least one time!

Nastya is wearing sunglasses by Joseph Haver, Israeli designer.
Photo by: Alon Shafrasnky

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