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Italiana Design Eyewear

Italiana Design Eyewear

The Hugues meets Roberta Salvalaggio the designer of Italiana Design.

H. Where does your story start from?

Our project Italiana Design started 15 years ago almost in Venice, inspired by the desire to re-launch an 100% made in Italy product, recognizable by its beautiful craftsmanship and top-quality materials. Behind this project there is the talent of designer Piero Massaro, who has created tailor-made eyewear in the exquisite tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

H. How would you define Italian Design’s style?

Semplicity sought.

Piero Massaro, founder and CEO of Italiana Design

Piero Massaro, founder and CEO of Italiana Design

H. Your source of inspiration?

The colours and perfumes of Sicily where I was born, and the romanticism and mystery of Venice the city that has adopted me. But also that feeling that grows into a bursting but necessary emotion when you engage into a new project.

H. What would be next trend to hit in eyewear?

Trends don’t last long, inspiration remains. That is what I prefer working with.

H. What is your trick to select the right pair of glasses?

It's important to wear a pair of glasses of quality and comfortable: so with the right pantoscopic angle meaning it fits anatomically the face allowing the correct vision.  From a pure emotional and fashion point of view it is important to choose the form and colours matching and reflecting our personality.

H. Materials, quality and design. What else makes a perfect pair of glasses?

The wearer!

H. Who would you like see wearing your glasses?

I would like to see my creations on all kinds of people: each of them brings some of their history into ours.

H. The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favourite holiday destination

I love places light and bright, but I struggle to find them in places where I live.
But my favourite holiday always has as destination my beloved Sicily!

Find out more on www.italianadesign.com, Facebook and Instagram

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