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 Hugues Stories: Esther-Mirjam de Boer, co-Founder of GRIS, Alliance des Createurs Suisses

Hugues Stories: Esther-Mirjam de Boer, co-Founder of GRIS, Alliance des Createurs Suisses

Esther-Mirjam de Boer, is the founder of GRIS, Alliance des Creatuers Suisse (Europa allee 33 Zurich), a talented business woman and an architect by education.
Passionate of her work, Esther has created GRIS as a concept store and platform for emerging Swiss fashion designers to showcase and sell their collections.
In the store on Europa allee, the store manager Soledad will welcome you with a smile and show you the clothes and accessories of young talented designers that pay the rent only for the space they occupy. Definitely worth a visit to unveil Swiss Fashion of these unique creators!


H. Esther how is the selection for GRIS done?

Our store manager Soledad Zehnder is a professional and experienced stylist. She curates what we select for GRIS and I normally share her view. In case we disagree, we don’t take the label. We select labels with a distinct identity. We want to work with a wide variety of high quality design. We work with labels which have a certain commercial potential. Our work is at the edge between culture and commerce.

H. How did the idea of GRIS develop and where would you like to see the concept moving to?

When five people come together with a common vision, that’s where reality is born. We’ve worked on developing the success of GRIS for 3 years now and want to see Break Even very soon. In the future GRIS shall have some sort of extensions in other cities. As the diversity of retail is declining everywhere we would like to offer an alternative.


H. Business woman with a creative gist: who is Esther and what is her vision?

My visions always have to do with fundamental beauty: in environment, in products, in processes, in organisations, in innovations, in interactions. I love to develop myself, others and systems towards the better – it’s quite idealistic. But that’s where I find my purpose.

H. What is Swiss Creativity for you?

It needs to be nurtured and cultivated as it is an asset that is of strategic value for our welfare and specific culture.


H. The future of Esther: what is next for you.

Together with my business partner Carla Kaufmann (owner, m&a crack at www.companymarket.ch) we took over GetDiversity GmbH. We place leading women on boards in Switzerland in order to get more diversity into top management.


H. The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favourite holiday destination, the book that everyone must read

NEO at Europa allee, because they’re nice neighbours with excellent food,
Holiday destination changes frequently, at the moment: Lus la Croix Haute in the French Alps.
Reinventing organisations, Frederic Laloux

Check out GRIS Store in Europallee 33, Zurich and on gris.ag, Instagram, and Facebook.

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