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Hugues stories: Marc W. Streit, the artist behind the curtains

Hugues stories: Marc W. Streit, the artist behind the curtains

Breaking the rules of performing arts, reversing the role of the artist and the audience, deceiving the spectator to include it within the play, is an illusion which Marc W. Streit cannot resist to. Exploring the concept of gender and sexuality, this unique curator and producer has used his talent to subvert the traditional concept of performing arts.

Fascinated by art in a broader way, Marc is the founder and curator of the zürich moves! Festival, which brings together artists from all over the world with complete different backgrounds. The past edition saw the participation of artists such as Tino Sehgal, Marten Spangberg, Isabelle Lewis among others. The 2017 edition will take place in Zurich from 14th to 18th March.

Tino Sehgal

Tino Sehgal

Despite being often on the move, Marc has kept his base in Zurich where he lives and founded the international renowned party label “Kunt” which has brought the disruptive alternative electronic scene to new life in Zurich.

From his creative nest in Zurich Kreis 4, where he also works as Associate Director at the Zurich Tanzhaus, Marc mixes concepts and cultures to create his work without any clear distinction between art and life.

H. After 5 years of curating at the zürich moves! Festival how do you feel?

The festival has grown in the last 5 years and it is now time to look behind to assess the results. We have had more than 1000 spectators who came to assist the performances of the international artists we hosted this year.
When I started this project I absolutely wanted to create something new, different, experimenting the unusual and unexpected in a rational city such as Zurich.
Every edition has been like giving birth to a child: each of them needs different care but the same love. Funding though remains the main challenge and as I would like to see the Festival walk by itself, I am hoping it could find the support of a funding association.

H. Can you tell us more about zürich moves! and what was the drive to found it?

The very core idea of the festival is to bring contemporary performance and dance in more hybrid spaces, disrupting the distance between performer and audience, creating an artistic flow which breaks the traditional and classical idea of “scenography”. During the 5 editions, my team and I forged the festival into an happening of artists and spectators, as an intersection between art and life.
For each edition we have worked around a different theme: Queer Culture, Identity, Middle East, and Personal Boundaries. The 2016 edition rotated around the concept of time and persistency in art as in life, with the performers having to adapt to a moving audience over the three days of the event.

H. Is there an artist who inspires you or you would like to work with?

My inspiration doesn’t necessarily come from art. Traveling and seeing the world is a very important source of inspiration for me. There are several institutions and artists internationally with whom I am tempted to work with. Stay tuned…

H. What does “Kunt” represent for you?

KUNT is a hysterical and colourful party that produces social experiences that go beyond nightlife culture through art and contemporary performance.

Marc Streit Kunt

H. You are a curator and at the same time an artist. How do you approach each practice differently? 

I don’ t consider myself an artist really- much rather I would call myself a cultural entrepreneur or artistic organizer.

You can find more about Marc the festival on zurichmoves.com
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Marc is wearing a pair of Peter & May Walk

Katrina, Copenhagen

Katrina, Copenhagen

Daniela, Milan

Daniela, Milan