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DOLPI – Made in Dolomiti

DOLPI – Made in Dolomiti

DOLPI is an acronym of Dolomites and Alps. Born 4 years ago from an idea of Virgilio Dal Pan, Luca Ferrari and Lucio Stramare, the designers: the aim was to realize wooden glasses for everyone and for every day.

The Hugues met Luca Ferrari one of the designer to discover more about the 100% made in Italy eyewear project.

H. Luca, why Dolpi?

This name because we are strongly and intimately connected with our territory, North-East of Italy, in the middle of the Dolomiti and the Alps. In particular we are from Belluno in the Veneto Region. All the production process, all the artisans that work for us and most of the woods that we use are from this region. Nature and handmade are the two key-words that can define our wooden frames.
We started from these two key elements: passion for wood and the eyewear know-how both can be considered natural products of our region.
Man and Nature are unified into an unique product born in the Dolomites mountains.

H. What makes your collections so unique?

Our love for our nature and the key element of our collections: wood. We chose to join the project PEFC, an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest managemen: DOLPI is the first wooden frames producer in the world with the PEFC certification: we use natural oils and resins during the process of production to protect the frames.

H. Respect for nature in every item!

Yes, Dolpi uses only wood, or better natural wood, we don’t paint it with chemical colours, the essence that you can find in our frames is natural, the natural essence of wood, in this sense every piece is unique with his particular vein, shade and tone. To realize our frames we use from 8 to 10 papers of wood that we fix together. Generally in the internal paper we use wood of our territory, instead in the external part, to valorise every frames and models, we use different kind of wood from every part of the world: Africa, South America, America, Australia, India, Europe and of course of Italy and our mountains too.
Handmade because there are more than thirty steps to realize DOLPI frames, most of these are handmade by our artisans.

H. What is the next trend in eyewear?

We think that in this period more and more people are oriented towards natural products, to be aware of what they buy, where it comes from and how it was made,  specifically if these products are handmade.
Everyday we work in this way trying to improve our process of production following our concept: nature and handmade. We are always working to develop new design more and more comfortable for the people focusing on details and wood we use with PEFC certification. The overall structure, laminated wood, spherical mask, curved snout, flex, possibility to regulate the temples and the opening on the nose is designed in order to apply the lenses easily.

H. Who you would like to see your frames on?

Our creations are for everyone: each person can find his model that represent his personality, his character. Every wood has a meaning, a history to tell us and wearing this wood you keep telling it.

H. What comes next for Dolpi?

The new collection presented at Mido in February in Milan:  two models in 4 different essences of wood each one then the New York Vision Expo at the end of March.

H. The corner of the world worth a visit?

We live in the middle of the Dolomites, we work strongly connected with the nature so the right places where we like to go to spend our free time is in our mountains; walk in our forest and reach the top is a good way to free our mind and get new ideas of course… for DOLPI.   

Read more about these unique wooden frames at www.dolpi.it, Facebook and Instagram

Giulia, Milan

Giulia, Milan

Marie, Copenhagen

Marie, Copenhagen