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Hugues Stories: Damian Betschart, The voice of Switzerland, Luzern

Hugues Stories: Damian Betschart, The voice of Switzerland, Luzern

Damian Betschart is the host of Radio Pilatus, give him a mick and he will feel at home. Entertaining people that is clearly his passion, inspired by words that flow everyday naturally to the audience.

The Hugues wanted to get know more from this talented speaker and discover what would be the next big thing for Damian!

H. How did your career start?

I have been on a stage for the first time at the age of 7, in several roles in the Nativity. My tenacity was awarded year after year, playing roles from a tree to a sheep till I got the part of Joseph! ☺
Many years later, following by business apprenticeship I took the opportunity of a lifetime to work and learn from a great master: the Swiss journalist Roger Schawinski.
Since then, I have moderated on radio and TV, led the editorial board of a lifestyle magazine and hosted many fashion, lifestyle, sports and business events.  Currently you can hear me every day on the radio station of Central Switzerland - Radio Pilatus.

H. How did you become a radio – TV entertainer?

I think the profession chosen me. I used to be a very shy person. At that time nobody would have believed that I would become a radio speaker and host. When I was 23, someone from the industry told me that I had a talent: my voice and it was only then I realized I could make a career out of it. Since then I keep training and learning to better host my guests!

Damian Betschart

H. Damian: Radio, TV or Live shows?

Mmm... it is like asking me which is your favourite child! I would say all 3 in the right proportion. With the radio, you have to be very focused on the words you say as you cannot take them back: words flow like a river without a direct feedback, which is only know later when the lights turn off. But the idea of keeping company to people every day is a feeling I cannot live without. Also the work in front of a TV camera has its charm, because you are given the opportunity to communicate with all of you, similarly to the energy that it can be proven with live shows which are pure adrenaline.

H. What difficulties did you face in your career?

The most difficult thing is stand out of the crowd and prove your own talent. A pinch of luck and a lot of hard work keep helping to do my work, be appreciated for it and keep the energy flowing to for my audience every day on the radio and at every event I asked to host.

Damian Betschart

H. What would Damian like to host in the future?

I would like to moderate the Eurovision Song Festival in Switzerland. I am music addicted! This event connects people from different cultures and countries in a single evening: it is a great entertaining show for a wide audience! Next to me I would like Viola Tami who I find great for both her looks and wit!

H. What are your plans for the future?

I would like to continue to have so much fun at my job and my private life, as today. I would like to continue developing professionally and maybe host a show on national television. A show with emotions, feelings and honest conversations with interesting people.

H. Damian as usual we would like to know… the corner of your city where like being and your favourite holiday destination

In Lucerne i like the most: The small bar "Filou & Bengel". The atmosphere is simply cosy and uncomplicated. The audience is very mixed, the drinks are not too expensive and the owners have a lot of passion for their job.  My favourite holiday destination could not be anything else than Mykonos! I've been there so many times. I like the undistinguished atmosphere on the island, the self-confident people and the beautiful beaches.

Damian Berschart

Damian is wearing VIU sunglasses
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Follow Damian on www.damianbetschart.com, Instagram and Facebook

Jurn, Copenhagen

Jurn, Copenhagen

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