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SOL SOL ITO, an exclusive urban style

SOL SOL ITO, an exclusive urban style

If you are an urban individualist expecting glasses to adequately express your feeling of life, SOL SOL ITO is what you are looking for.  Six models of sunglasses and seventeen types of prescription spectacles. Available in different colours, each SOL SOL ITO series is limited to 50 specimens.

Long-standing experience of Swiss precision engineering and production means that state-of-the-art manufacturing matches the creative ambition of these 2 young designers, one process helping the other to deliver the greatest satisfaction, from Zurich to Tokyo.

SOL SOL ITO frames are made from highest-quality acetate that meets the strictest standards in materials testing. Surfaces are hand-polished and all elements processed with painstaking care. The unique attribute — SOL SOL ITO’s exchangeable twin-steel arms — has resulted in three pending patents for the innovative, proprietary frame joint and its style-defining functional silicone elements.


H. Where does your story start from? Who is behind the brand?

Our story started 2012 in Zurich, when we thought about Sausolito, the seaside town north of San Francisco.
Monika studied sculptural art in Barcelona and Geneva after an apprenticeship in design engineering, Sandra is an industrial designer with years of experience in the Swiss watch industry. We both were searching for perfect frames which would fit correctly and then we started to create our own ideas. 

H. How would you define your style?

Traditionally, Swiss design is quite minimal, smart, adhering to a high quality standard. We are both innovation driven in our fields, and that’s why we started to work on a special hinge with exchangeable spring-steel arms as a unique brand recognition. Therefore we already won three design awards. Our goal is to create a strong identity, something different to the existing market. We specialise in exclusive limited small series, local production made in Switzerland, with a fresh, colorful approach and a modern understanding of luxury, let’s call it neo-luxury.  

Brille 1.jpg

H. Who or what inspires your collections?

We love big cities. Mood is in the air, people, music, art, food is part of the spirit. The flow of culture, identity, vitality is overwhelming. This was one reason to lounge the first collection in Tokyo, a designer paradise.

H. What would be next trend to hit in eyewear?

Trends are not our big interest, as we try to create a unique SOL SOL ITO style that is timeless.


H.  How important is too choose the right pair of glasses and what are the tricks?

As glasses are worn in the middle of the face, they should be good looking, comfortable and helpful for a better sight. :)
Nose fit and weight makes a difference.

H. Who would you like see wearing your glasses?

Did you say Beyoncé?


H. What comes next for you?

Besides our new acetate styles, we will launch a metal collection with a new innovative hinge at SILMO.

H. The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favorite holiday destination

Sandra loves Zurich over all, specially by bike. Monika as a passionate cook follows the slow food restaurants in town. 


For further information www.solsolito.comFacebook and Instagram
All pictures courtesy of SOL SOL ITO

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