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Blac: original carbon fiber frames

Blac Denim

Bellinger presents a new colored carbon frame from Blac.

Real carbon fiber comes in one way, the standard black/grey weave that we’re all used to seeing.
To color a black surface requires a special technique - a new advanced surface technique. The fiber is treated with a coating which the color is merged into. In cooperation with DreamTex, the Blac Team has created a unique Denim color for both fronts and temples.
This new blue carbon color gives the frame a classic and elegant look and offers a new approach to the original Blac full carbon frame.


Thanks to a non woven raw carbon fiber, Bellinger introduces BLAC NIGHT.

For those who prefer a more solid black color without the characteristic woven carbon pattern.
Every front is as always hand polished – one by one – leaving you with a high - class frame with an exclusive surface.


The design process is the first step in creating and designing frames – a process where Blac continues to challenge the boundaries of conventional thinking and where each frame is brought to life.
Founder and owner Claus Bellinger is the chief designer on Blac. Together with industrial designer Peter Wittrock Taha and an Inhouse Blac Team placed in Denmark, they continue to push and test the boundaries of conventional thinking when it comes to designing new Blac frames.
They continuously try and test new materials, colors and shapes that can either enhance the carbon or add to the design. Keeping true to the Blac concept they design new shapes that are both edgy, cool, minimalistic and exploits the advantages of the carbon fiber and the limitations that the carbon presents – all aiming for a Blac collection that will fit perfectly.

For more information, visit www.blac.dk, Facebook and Instagram

LGR's Flagship in Milan

LGR's Flagship in Milan

When in Zurich, shop at Storchen Optik!

When in Zurich, shop at Storchen Optik!