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The life and Instagram of Sohi Malih, creative digital influencer

The life and Instagram of Sohi Malih, creative digital influencer

Sohi Malih is a creative digital influencer, based in Germany, Munich and with a strong passion for fashion, fitness, lifestyle and... eyewear!
He shares his work on his Instagram account with over 750.000 followers.

We met Sohi in a bar during one of his travels around the world:

H. Sohi, what is it like for you to be followed by so many people every day?

I feel honoured to inspire thousands of people everyday with my way of doing pictures.

Sohi Malih

H. How did you become a Digital Influencer?

Well, I started posting almost 3 years ago and it was actually really for fun. But after some time I saw too many “bloggers” doing the same thing. Running over streets and taking shots. I wanted to do actually something new, unique, artistic. 

H. Is there something we do not know about you?

I actually hate flying more than 3 hours flight, even though I fly almost every second week somewhere for shootings, campaigns or events.

Sohi Malih

H. How does you choose his spectacles or shades?

I just try a lot of them till my feeling says, this one!

H. What are your suggestion / advice to define your style?

You know all these people say you have to wear this and that. 
I’m all about choose your own style. You don’t need to copy anyone, as long you feel good you are good to go.

Sohi Malih

H. Who or what inspires you?

I watch a lot of different artists, photographer websites, Instagram accounts. That’s what inspires me a lot.

H. Who would you like to work with and what are your plans for the future

I love working with big brands and do something unique. Like we did with L’Oreal Men an international TV commercial last year. We are seeking to have a great and successful 2018 as well with my partner and photographer @iamsiar.

Sohi Malih

H. The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favorite holiday destination.

If you are ever around in Munich, you should visit “Schwabing” thats the area with all the cool bars and restaurants. My favourite destination? I would say Iceland for sure!

Discover Sohi's world on Instagram and visit www.sohi-malih.com

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