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OBLYK: authentic handcrafted artisan Italian eyewear pieces!

OBLYK: authentic handcrafted artisan Italian eyewear pieces!

H. Where does your story start from?

OBLYK was created by Massimo Guglielmi following an unplanned trip to Cadore (Northern Italy). It all happened by chance while sitting in a café and casually talking to a barista that Massimo realised he was in an Alpine village where most of the businesses, shops and manufacturers had something to do with eyewear.
Out of curiosity he asked the barista for directions to a near eyewear manufacturer. He went there and by surprise he came across an authentic artisan workshop that makes eyewear frames entirely by hand. He was so impressed by the whole process and the final product that an idea sparked to his mind of creating his own style of sunglasses. Drawing from his passion for heritage tailoring, obsession for hand-craftsmanship and penchant for 1920’s, Massimo went on to create a range of timeless handcrafted sunglasses with a unique twist.
For that he wanted to come up with a name that would encapsulate the whole essence. That’s when the word “oblique” came up to him. In Massimo's words: "oblique" is the opposite of “straight” and that goes the same with my approach to life”. To make the name original Massimo changed the letter “i” with “y” and “que” with “k”. That’s how the name “OBLYK” was born.

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H. Who is behind the brand?

Sydney based Italian tailor Massimo Guglielmi is the creator and mind behind OBLYK. Massimo’s roots are deeply entrenched with art and hand-craftsmanship.
He was raised in Rome, the Eternal City, by a family of artisans breathing art and soaking up creativity from his father, a skillful patissier by trade and poet for passion.
As a kid he used to spend his summers in an old village of the Dolomites Mountains with his grandfather (an artisan shoemaker) watching him making boots with his hands.
It was only later in life, while living in London that Massimo would get into tailoring learning from one of  the legendary bespoke tailors of Savile Row. 
Massimo’s passion for tailoring and appreciation of true craftsmanship are the real foundations of OBLYK.

H. How would you define your style?

In 3 words "Twisted, timeless, elegant". I focus on creating classic frames with unique details and colours always keeping in mind elegance and versatility.
Coming from a men's tailoring background I am obsessed with craftsmanship and as a result all OBLYK frames are entirely handmade by expert Italian artisans.

Twilo Havana

Twilo Havana

H. Who or what inspires your collections?

I take inspiration from the past, mainly the 1920s and 30s. Depending on the frame and story behind I like to give a touch of avant-garde (like for the Tepui model) and steampunk (like for the Eclipse model). 
I have a particular penchant for metal rust and all the various shades of green, brown and blue generated by the oxidization effect. For this I work closely with Italian galvanizing factories to replicate the effect of rust on metal. 

H. What would be the next trend to hit in eyewear?

I believe design, fit and comfort are always going to be the main factors. Though high performance lenses and material sustainability is where the eyewear industry is leading.



H. How important is too choose the right pair of glasses and what are the tricks?

If you care about your image the first thing you should care is your face and glasses are the only accessory that you wear on it. The right glasses can enhance your complexity and make you look more attractive, intelligent, professional, cooler and sophisticated. The wrong ones can simply make you look silly and spoil your entire look.

H. Materials, quality and design. What else makes a perfect pair of glasses?

First of all they must fit and be comfortable on your face.
Secondly you must like the design and this needs to complement your personality and the way you look. Lenses are very important as they enhance the whole visual experience. Anyone knows the feeling of putting on a new pair of sunglasses and saying wow! That's the pleasure of wearing great lenses.
High quality materials and hinges are paramount as these are the benchmark for durability and longevity. Needless to say if we are talking about the perfect glasses to me these must have all the above elements and be strictly handmade in Italy or Japan as Italian and Japanese craftsmanship still are to these days the best in the world.

H. Who would you like to see wearing your glasses?

Anyone who wants to look different.



H. What comes next for you?

I am working on a bunch of new frames with a lot of unique details.
The first to be realised is Tepui": a pantos shape frame in acetate with squared edges.
Second on the pipeline is “Spirit”, an aviator model inspired to the Spirit of St. Louis plane that was flown by Charles Linbergh in the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight. This model featuring a unique metal frame with rust effect and some really cool details inspired to the glorious Golden Age of Aviation.
Third coming up is “Eclipse”, an incredibly cool round model with double sun lenses on both the front and clip-ons. This model is made up with an acetate front part and temples in antique metal.
Then following up there will be a beautiful hexagonal pantos style frame made with acetate and oxidized metal.

H. The corner (bar or restaurant) of your city you like most, your favorite holiday destination

I surf at Manly Beach (Sydney) all weekends and when I get the chance I like to go to Hugo's in Manly for a cocktail or two while watching the sunset. Priceless!
I am an adventures guy and tend to prefer trips rather than holidays. I like to experience the real world and come face to face with culture and environment rather than lounging on a poolside resort. A climb of Kilimanjaro and a road trip through the South American Andes are always at the top of my bucket list.

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